Pellet markets: Pellet production and capacity

In Germany, 60 companies with around 70 production sites for wood pellets have a production capacity of 2.7 Mio. tons per year. In 2010, 1.75 million t pellets were produced in Germany by which one quarter had to be exported because of insufficient domestic sales. About 85 percent of pellets were produced of saw rest wood. 15 percent of raw material was industry wood (round wood, which cannot be sawed). Most pellets produced in Germany are certified (ENplus/DINplus).

In 2010, 83 % were certified A 1 for private use, of which 15 % were sold bagged, 68 % in bulk. 17 % of the total amount was sold as industry pellets. In 2011, they produced an estimated amount of 1.8 Mio. tons from which 1.4 Mio. tons were used in the country. The high inland production results in a security of supply even in long, cold winters as in 2009/2010 and 2010/2011. Additionally, prices are stable at a low level. The average price for wood pellets was 225 EUR/t in 2010 and 233 EUR/t in 2011.

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